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For those who don’t know what ” Bring it on  ” is..Well, It’s a secendary schools dance hip-hop competition! 🙂

It’s Fun, active and healthy. It’s Held at the Sydney olympic park and My School is competing in it 😀      Click Here For a View 😀

If you’re in a high-school and would like to join..Maybe ask your Teacher. I’m Really excited for Wednesday’s rehearsals. 🙂’s accurate! So You 100% Go to the competition!! So Come On and Ask 🙂 Good-luck!!

Lucsious Lips Gone – Crumbling Lips + Some Advice

Naaaw, My Lips Are Dreadfully Dry. I Am Using Lip Balm And Water Most Often But I Hope To the best it will wash away. 😉

To All Those Who Have The same sito ( Situation ) As Mine .. keep Holding on And You’ll Be Okay. Nothing can over come you. Your Strong, Relivant And Optomistic No Matter what. If someone Says ” Ewww…Your lips…Are eeew ”

Don’t Fight back, Breathe in AndTell Somebody, Try Not to back-Bite just tell someone how you feel and they’ll Put a stop to it. Trust me. 🙂

Happy Weekends.

As People Say :



My Naplan Just Past 2 days ago. So Scary!! Gl To all those  People who participated.<3

And For those who have not a single clue what that is Here’s a little Tip (:

NSW blitzed the nation in with the highest percentage of top achievers the most subjects -we topped in Spelling and Numeracy across all years in the first National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy. NSW teachers take a bow. But as a nation we get a big CAN DO BETTER.

NSW has the highest percentage of top achievers in Year 3 Writing and Spelling, Year 5 Spelling, Year 7 Spelling, 9 Spelling and did well in Numeracy across all years – according to the bar graphs published in the National Summary Report.

In NSW we can spell and do our maths – contrary to the popular complaints made about today’s students.

Victoria had the highest percentage of top achievers in Year 3 Numeracy and Grammar and Punctuation, Year 5 Grammar and Punctuation, Year 7 Writing and Year 9 Writing. It was equal top with NSW in Year 3 Numeracy and Year 9 Numeracy. The ACT had the highest percentage of top achievers in Year 3 Reading, Year 5 Reading, Year 7 Reading and Grammar and Punctuation and Year 9 Reading and Grammar and Punctuation. It was equal top with NSW in Year 7 Numeracy and Year 9 Spelling. With the ACT’s population of public servants, politicians and diplomats high achievements are to be expected.

NSW also does well in getting students to meet the benchmarks, especially in primary school. We have the highest percentage of students meeting the benchmarks in the nation in Year 3 Writing, Spelling and Numeracy, Year 5 Writing and Spelling and Year 7 Writing.

Year 3’s,7’s and 9’s will be competing To their Top 😀 GoodLuck Everyone :]

For More Information Visit: Here Very Useful Website

:} Hope You Enjoy.


When People Get Bullied Often, The best and most expected thing to react is to step away. We Feel Like Getting Frustrated and Letting everything out but that will get you into even more difficulties that the person that started the whole thing in the first Place. I Have Been a witness Early this Week, Somebody called somebody a name, That person responded with a big Big ” POW ” On the head. Now See? That Could’ve Become a police matter. What My Advice is so really Tell Somebody about what’s happening. Trust Me Do not respond with an immature action.

(: Your well And Truely, Normastar :]

G’Day G’Day how ya going? 😀

For the holiday’s I will be shutting down for a holiday break because I will not be able to work!!! But i will be able to comment more often because many people comment on my blog and I barely comment back because, I admit I am …………………… Pretty lazy 🙁

So I apologize to everyone!!

I am so so so so so SORRY 🙁

Now I want to tell you some thing!! i won’t be able to post until the holidays are over but I will comment to check up on every one!! But Now is the Time to say this BIBI (ByeBye) such a sad word I never want to say unless I need to…… here we gooooo

BYEBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh 😮 Im shoked

Uh Oh i just said it!!!! And now I must show i must goooooo ooook? Well I’ll miss ya alot!!!!!!!!! Stay in touch every one!!

P.S 🙁 good luck people!!

Poverty Strikes On The World!

Poverty is where people have unreasonably low living standards compared with other ; can most definitely  not afford to buy important items to feed or protect them selves/family. Today, nearly half the world’s 6 billion people lives on less than $2 a day. However, poverty is a real life affecting both rich and poor countries . In developed countries it is a possible chance that 1 in 10 children live below the poverty line. The situation in developing countries is much worse now.

In the year 2000 (separated by the rest of the years) 1.7 million children were needlessly lost because countries around the world failed to reduce poverty levels. (Many people are struggling for a popper medication to help them live!). When all those children with Poverty grow up , they pay a heavy price. Research shows that they have more sickness, perform poorly in school, have more mental health problems, and a possibility that they might die in a early age if a positive cure is not found.

Children in poverty face greatly reduced educational prospects and future life chances. This is the conclusion not just of social policy experts and government statisticians, but of early aged children themselves. Having Poverty changes the way the children react in class and to other class mates, they also feel that they have been “got at” by their teachers some how.

Now to tell you about their daily life; After all that suffering from Poverty parents and children have to build their own houses to live, if not they have to sleep on the ground under a rock or a tree. (It’s horrifying to hear it that way). When they eventually build their homes they sleep on rotten mats, they might even have to sleep on the filthy floor if they had no choice.


As you see in this picture, those people are drinking from the dirty river that passes through! That’s is how they get aids if they keep going.  But…. they have no choice because they are poor, they can not afford much in their life!

Although here is a chart on poverty percentages:



Taking a step forward!

This year our school leaders are holding a compition for those you think they can dance! I have been doing some gymnastics to help me go onto balance when I try out!   I am so nervous! I just hope that I will make it into round 1,2,3 atleast! Just to show the school that I’m good!

The bad thing is that it is in like 2 weeks and I have not done my rountine yet or got my song! But I know what song! And I got lots of moves in my head just to keep me confident! So wish me luck guyz!

As Light as Air


What i love about Australia

I love Australia for all it has! i love Australia also for the way it is! nothing else! Here I’ll Show you what i love about my country!! (I got the idea from Nadine! I saw her writing the post and i thought if i could do the same!).

Sydney Harbour Bridge :

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most recognizable symbols of Australia . The Bridge provides a frame for one of the most beautiful har bors in the world and holds a special place in the city’s heart.

Wow don’t you love the view?


Jamberoo is NSW’s biggest fun park and there’s alot of fun and entertainment to be had. Think water thrills and spill s, a massive wave pool, speed slides, rock jump, racing cars, the famous mountain toboggan…….and that’s not even half of it. Th e new ride ‘The Taipan’ is the park not for the faint-hearted! It’s the first ride of its type in Australia – consisting of two giant slides that are totally in the dark! You will descend into a disorienting world of darkness with a terrifying g ride of drops, twists and turns.

Luna Park:

Lubna Park is amazing! The good thing is that you can go in for free! But you just have to pay a couple of coins to get on the rides! Pay one amount and receive this bracelet to allow you to enter any game or ride you want! As much as times as you want! That’s what I love about Luna Park!  You can also see the lovely view of the harbor bridge while your there! That’s a bonus!

Sydney Opera House:

The Opera House is situated on Bennelong Point, which reaches out into the harbor. The skyline of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the blue water of the harbor and the Sydney Opera House, viewed from a ferry or from the air, is dramatic and unforgettable .

Names Names names…..

As you know people can call me different sort of names, you may call me Norma or normastar. Those are both my names! Just to tell you, you can call me anything you like! Because i just want you to know just not to get you confused because i used to think you thought Norma was another person! I would totally get confused! So if yo are confused with what i am saying just tell me! I just want to know! No need to be shy! I just like to know! That’s all! Bye


Club Penguin Fun Fair!!

Hey guys! I have been playing this game “Club Penguin” for months and it is just fun and changes themes every 2 weeks!!! Now there is a fun fair going on there! You get pins, prizes, tickets to buy the prizes and so on…..  You should go and check it out! But make and account first! it’s simple! Have a go and have the time of your life!! Trust me! Check it out before the theme is off!! Also, if you want to buy clothes and stuff you got to be a member! I’m not but, guess what there are stuff for non- members all the time! There also are free stuff when themes change every now and then!
So I hope you have a great time playing! and  if you ant the website to the game it is: here See ya’s there!      If you want to know my name there!(if you see me), it is Blossomup!!!!                Bye

One more thing! there is a anothee website led to the game! It has full screen!                

Holidays are up for Aussies..

Yay! Finally the school holidays for us!! I love this years holidays the most because we have a special celebration on Wednesday/September/29, o8!!       Also because I’m going bush walking in the out back!!!!!  I also wish happy holidays to all that are have holidays right now! but i have another suggestion, I don’t like the school holidays because i will miss my friends and all the fun work at school lately! So ye……..

Bye to all and see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m back in business fellow maties!!

Hello everyone! I’m finally come back to doing my posts!

I sorry for those who were waiting it;s just because i was so so busy lately! But now I’m back! I really want to do more posts from now and on!  But if i don’t just ask my sister Nadine! I will stay in touch more often now and comment on everyone’s blog that comments on my blog! That will  encourage me to post more!!

Also I’ve been busy because Nadine just had her B’day! Congrats Nads! So that day on i was tired!  Ok so Bye!

The Olympics games are here…..

Hi guys!! I have got some information I’ve searched that you might like or learn about the Olympic games!

There are many myths surrounding the origin of the ancient Olympic Games. The most popular legend describes that Heracles was the creator of the Olympic Games, and built the Olympic stadium and surrounding buildings as an honor to his father Zeus, after completing his 12 labours. According to that legend he walked in a straight line for 400 strides and called this distance a “stadion” (Greek: “Στάδιον”)- (Roman: “stadium”) (Modern English: “Stage”) that later also became a distance calculation unit. This is also why a modern stadium track is 400 meters in circumference — the distance a runner travels in one lap (1 stadium = 400 m). Another myth associates the first Games with the ancient Greek concept of ἐκεχειρία (ekecheiria) or Olympic Truce. The date of the Games’ inception based on the count of years in Olympiads is reconstructed as 776 BC, although scholars’ opinions diverge between dates as early as 884 BC and as late as 704 BC.

From then on, the Olympic Games quickly became much more important throughout ancient Greece, reaching their zenith in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. The Olympics were of fundamental religious importance, contests alternating with sacrifices and ceremonies honouring both Zeus (whose colossal statue stood at Olympia), and Pelops, divine hero and mythical king of Olympia famous for his legendary chariot race with King Oenomaus of Pisatis, and in whose honour the games were held. The number of events increased to twenty, and the celebration was spread over several days. Winners of the events were greatly admired and were immortalised in poems and statues.[9] The Games were held every four years, and the period between two celebrations became known as an ‘Olympiad.’ The Greeks used Olympiads as one of their methods to count years. The most famous Olympic athlete lived in these times: the sixth century BC wrestler Milo of Croton is the only athlete in history to win a victory in six Olympics.[10]

The Games gradually declined in importance as the Romans gained power in Greece. After Emperor Theodosius I proclaimed Christianity the religion of the Empire and banned pagan rites, the Olympic Games were outlawed as a pagan festival in 393 AD.[11]

During the ancient times normally only young men could participate.[10] Competitors were usually nude, not only as the weather was appropriate but also as the festival was meant to be, in part, a celebration of the achievements of the human body. Upon winning the games, the victor would have not only the prestige of being in first place but would also be presented with a crown of olive leaves. The olive branch is a sign of hope and peace.[12]

Even though the bearing of a torch formed an integral aspect of Greek ceremonies, the ancient Olympic Games did not include it, nor was there a symbol formed by interconnecting rings. These Olympic symbols were introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games.

That’s the Beijing Olympic Game Symbol/stamp/sign Those are little toys that represent the Olympic flag!

So that’s the birds nest where the Olympic G games are held in that stadium!!

If you want to send in your own story send it in now…

Hey! Guess what I have found this website that you can publish your own story on that website!! It is amazing so that means you spread your imagination all over!! I’ll give you the website after a while at the end ok? You can too make something other than that or join into a club that are:

The Reading club

The writing club

The Newsletter club

The Squiggle Club

And that’s about it! But you just have to go and check the website out!!! It’s hard not to resist such…..

You will love it!! Well now I have to give you the website and here you go! Here But that’s only if you want to send in a story and here is the website to see what to do: Here

Good luck with that and hope to spread out more soon!!! Seee ya Later alligators don’t forget your toilet paper!!!

Who do think?…

Hi everyone! As you know Nadine has written a post about a country killing poor cute an innocent cats….And I have to admit that those people need a penalty!! …..Now I want to make this clear to everbody here that is reading! I have questions to ask about which country do you think it happened at… There are some decisions I’ve suggested but maybe you have some more up there in your head and that would be great if you would splat the words out wouldn’t it?…..! Here are my suggestion Guys! :

1. China

2. Japan

3. Russia

4. Vietnam

5. America

6. South Africa

Those are all the countries that I think might be the ones you did the crime scene business! I wonder if you have any other in mind! Like I said, It would be fantastic if you did! Because that would really help me with the thinking! So If you have any other countries in the mind of yours just plat it out and tell me straight away before you forget!

I too wonder what there gender are or if they work together! Here are my suggestions for this question!:

1. males

2. Females

3. group

4. mix

5. pairs

Which do you think they work as?!  I hopefully will try to find out all those soon enough so just be clam and good luck with all!

What I believe is right for me..

When I’m at school during recess or lunch some silly people come and tell me that I’m short. I try to ignore them but huge feeling come into my head that never let me forget. I some times say to my self “why do people boss me around and say mean things about me? ” So as i think I just go up to them and reply back meanly as they do. People think I’m the soft kind girl style but I’m not… I like to hurt people’s feeling if they hurt mine first! I like to make a fight when my family is with me and they are bad. I stand up for my self and do what is best for me so If you’re in a situation like me just ignore them or reply meanly back to them.

I like to have friends that don’t talk behind my back! I’ve had this situation all my life you know. But when I was in kindergarten I used to frighten many people so they don’t dare to tease me or say anything bad in front of my cute chubby face!!!!!! I moved on I listen to my brain and do what I want! People think I’m so dumb that they think I won’t DOB on them ! Because I’ve showed up for my self now no one dares to be mean to me!! Now every one, has this ever happened to you? Just tell me and I’ll help you no matter what!! OKAY?

School holidays is already here……

Hi everyone! Now as you know in Australia school is over for our 2 week holiday special! Really people are running crazy about it but i am surely not at all.. I’ll tel you why: It’s becaus I don’t get to see my friends and do what I want to do at school. Lots of things pop into my head that one of my friends my dump me for no reason at all. And that actually happened in a text message today!!! Very sad but I sent her back to revenge her!

Well as you know, when I’m bored my days go slowly in holiday time so I feel so lame sometimes!!! One question everyone, has that ever happened to you once? Well if it has It really hurts doesn’t it?
Well for all those who have holidays I have one thing to say to you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!


S3E are going to china town on the 3rd of July!

Hi Everyone! guess what?? On the 3rd of July we are going to China town in the city! We firstly are going to catch the trip by going on a train that will probably take about half and hour to get there because it is next to DARLING HARBOR! Than next I think we will take a look around the gardens in China Town. After that we will be hopefully be eating in a wonderful Chinese Restaurant which our Mrs.Krisenthal, her mother and Nathan held the place at! Mrs. Krisenthal had already asked the waiter in the Restaurant to make a delicious deal for us to eat there! -we will be eating with chopsticks you know, how fun. last but not least our teacher will take us to a shop to buy lovely Chinese things to enjoy for the day at China Town and at home too!! Than at the end of the trip we take the train again back to our school on 3:OO! Seee Yaa!! 🙄


Come on check out my class blog!

Hi, My class has a blog and i would like some more visitors!

So that means you need there website and that is : click here Our Blog is called the wunderBars!!

So I always check our blog out and we only have a little bit of comments!!! we need you !

My Teacher will really thank you if that’s so! So just tell me what you think about the blog when you visit it hopefully!


🙄 😳

I’ll tell you why I’m not there? Because i was eating my hot noodles outside!!!!!! No Fair!

Riddle Number 1.

Now for my first riddle this one can be easy for some and hard for others! So try your best ok?

I chopped something white, I had to chew some gum to stop me from crying while i cut the object.

This is a clue everyone it is a vegetable. And here is another clue, It starts with a O & ends with a N.

What is the thing that i chopped? The answers will be held after a couple of comments!!

Hope you get the answer right! Good luck! Here are some pictures to see what i mean!

Think this story is scary enough for you?

One horrible stormy and windy night, Isabella and her friends joined her at the back of her school at midnight to see what had happened to her dead friend that last night. The sat down on the muddy area and waited quietly and still to figure out what they should to. Finally Isabella saw blood foot steps on the floor, so Isabella’s friends followed her away through the cold air. They followed her and followed her but her friends felt like they were not moving a teeny weeny bit. So, Isabella opened the gate and entered the bloody garden.

She looked back and founded a shadow behind her, ” Hellooo Isaabbeellaa”, I want my revenge on what you did to me yesterrrddaayyyyyyy”, she said in a hooweee way. ” What did I do yesterday?”, Isabella asked politely. ” You left me here and ran away without bringing any help for me”, the goat said madly with her face extremely red. Oh i remember (oops), she thought to her self. So Isabella ran and ran but she felt no movement with the ground she was flowing up and up and up and up until she reached death to her self.

” Why are you doing this?”, Isabella asked. ” This is for not helping me from my dreadful death, so that means you will die the same death as me”. So I flowed up with humongous rage and I could not breath from the overflow she gave me up in the air. I could not breathe that I let my self die in disbelieve.

So that means I will you know to my friends……….Death Death Death Death. There is now evil inside me like her……………….. Darkness, I could feel. We both turned into twins with our own two graves behind us with my teady bear with me.

( Freaked out now?)

We won the debate today!!!!

Hello readers, today on the 12th of June 2008 Belmore South P.s was debating against Strathfield South P.s.

When we all sat down to enjoy our time one of the teachers called out ” S3E (My class) and S3C will not be watching this debate today”. Than we all grumbled and walked our way out. We were so angry that we even started to ask the teacher questions she did not know!! After hours of boredom the bell for lunch rang, I asked someone “who one the debate?”, and guess what they said! Our school won!!!!!!!!!! woohooooo!

So that means that our class and S3C will be watching the next debate hopefully!!

Yay! See ya!! Bye


Debates Rule!

The Final 3!!!!

Now I will release the final 3 to the reginals in running!!

Get ready…… the finale three are Hafiz, Micheal and Jayam!!!

They will be representing our school for the reginals.

They have been working very hard for this go and finally they will make Belmore South P.S proud!!! I hope they make it far through the competition and so that our school will be high and most ever supported and respected by other schools, they are all hope! Wish them LUCK!!! 😛

( There I am i’m the white hat! I look embarrassing eh? And that’s my sister Diala on the left with the blue hat, she  is younger than me, she is 8 years old!! And in the middle is Sarah, a good friend of mine.  p5160172.JPG

Belmore Souths debate of O8!!

This week we had our first debate of the year for Belmore South. It was against Campsie, (not very far from us), and the topic was that “Earth Hour is a waste of time”. We were saying it WASN’T a waste of time, and guess what….. WE WON!!!!

Even though we were all above the time limit we still had very good arguments and we had very good rebuttals.

In this first debate it was: 1st speaker, me; 2nd speaker, Naomi ; 3rd speaker, Ramiz ; and team advisor, Celia . At Belmore South we usually have 2 extra people in the debating team but we haven’t found out who those two people are yet.

Hope we do as well as we did in this debate in our upcoming debates.

See ya!!!


The Cross Country Finals(Zone)

Today on the 29th of May 2oo8, 16 children from our school will be going to the zone. The fastest runner was Hafiz. He made it into NSW but unfortunately he didn’t make it into Australia. I will have to ask some of my class mates to let me know their spots. I hope lots of the people that attended made it to the next run next time!!! I will say the scores on the next post. Bye Bye.

Now look at Cathy Freeman the running machine!!!

The Sunset Rise Set Poem…

At Sunset Time I looked up at the sky, I saw the sky and said Good Bye to the Sun Set Rise.

I was tired, when i saw a man who was fired in the middle of the Sun Rise Set.

When I looked away I felt a little bit wacky, then shaky when i turned around from the Sun Rise Set.

This is a Poem, to help you show’em that this story is only about the Sun Rise Set.

Now I will go then I will flow in the view of the Sun Rise Set.

Will the sunset send a note? Will the sunset send a boat? Oh, It will send a little coat over the Sun Rise Set.

Mothers day stall(Mothers day)

Mothers day stall is when children have to give in presents so people can buy a gift for their mums. The prises were from 50 cents-$10. I only got a ring because i only had $2 for my recess but I gave the money away for the ring instead. I gave the ring to the lady on the bench and said “Do you have one more dollar?”

” No”, said. oops… it was three dollars! but the lady on the bench still accepted it! So on my way home I gave my mum the ring. She loved it!!

After a while we went to get the Sunday Telegraph, When we got it i saw a list of things to do for my mum(not chores). I done all the things it told me to do. Than i made desert for my mum. It was a face. She loved it. It contained: cake, grapes , carrot, and Mandarins.

That was a good day! (next post will be about what Natalie said, “the cross country”!!)

Save the whales!!

Whales might be all killed if Japan keeps killing whales. It is the same as culling the kangaroos. The Aussies say that Japan shouldn’t kill whales and Japan says ” No”. Now that is getting serious. You have to decide now. Every comment I get I will hopefully give it to a website I find about killing whales. ( I will write everything I can!) So are you with me?

, ,

The last i ever saw my parents…..

One dark night i heard my parents chatting together about the atomic bomb that was going to hit next week. I never new what it was about so i just went to the living room where my parents sat near the red fire the lightened up a few minutes ago. “Darling what are you doing down here?” mum said in a strangely voice.

“Well….. i heard you talking about this thing called the atomic…., i said in a weary voice.

“Honey there is this bomb that is going to attack this town and we are just discussing what we are going to do about it like stay or leave, now honey go to bed please, mum said. T stomped my way up the stairs and ran straight into my room. The next day i walked up mum was all sweaty and she was about to faint. When i ran down my mum told me one thing it was that she had the atomic bomb disease, at that moment i was so sad i couldn’t handle it it had to get some peace and quiet. So i ran up to my room and slept. When i got up i found no one there there was a note signed by the police saying “Your parents have died from the atomic bomb disease. I was an orphan at that stage. I… i ….i.. had no where to live, and that was the last time i saw my parents ever.



In choir this year we sing Oprah in our assembly.

Next year we are going to sing at the Oprah House! In front of lots of people! It stays on for until midnight.
I’m going to try my best to make it in the try outs next year, please wish me luck! It is so hard. Anyway i am in Sapranos. That is the highest group ever in choir! I have to sing very loud! my voice was so hearting that time. 🙂

Multiclutural day!

That is me in the pink shirt and pink skirt! Multicultural day is when cultures make a dance and perform it on that day. Firstly i was so scared than i got the hang of it. After people started to put money in a box we put down! We raised alot of money! that went great!


Here are some nice poems:

There was a boy

who goes to school

Hangs around the pool

and he becomes a fool!

There was a bee

who went to sea

and came back to me!

There is a girl

who went in a shark

to go and fart

than she collected some rotten tart !

Dark poems!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.

 Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door —
Only this, and nothing more.”

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; — vainly I had tried to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow — sorrow for the lost Lenore —
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore —
Nameless here for evermore. 😆

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me — filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
“‘Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door —
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; —
This it is,
and nothing more.”