Taking a step forward!

This year our school leaders are holding a compition for those you think they can dance! I have been doing some gymnastics to help me go onto balance when I try out!   I am so nervous! I just hope that I will make it into round 1,2,3 atleast! Just to show the school that I’m good!

The bad thing is that it is in like 2 weeks and I have not done my rountine yet or got my song! But I know what song! And I got lots of moves in my head just to keep me confident! So wish me luck guyz!

As Light as Air


2 thoughts on “Taking a step forward!

  1. WOW Norma….everytime I visit ur blog, I get to see a new layout…wer do u find them, eh?

    Wish u luck and have full faith in u….btw, plss take out time and visit my place too!

    Miss ya 🙂

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