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Hi everyone! As you know Nadine has written a post about a country killing poor cute an innocent cats….And I have to admit that those people need a penalty!! …..Now I want to make this clear to everbody here that is reading! I have questions to ask about which country do you think it happened at… There are some decisions I’ve suggested but maybe you have some more up there in your head and that would be great if you would splat the words out wouldn’t it?…..! Here are my suggestion Guys! :

1. China

2. Japan

3. Russia

4. Vietnam

5. America

6. South Africa

Those are all the countries that I think might be the ones you did the crime scene business! I wonder if you have any other in mind! Like I said, It would be fantastic if you did! Because that would really help me with the thinking! So If you have any other countries in the mind of yours just plat it out and tell me straight away before you forget!

I too wonder what there gender are or if they work together! Here are my suggestions for this question!:

1. males

2. Females

3. group

4. mix

5. pairs

Which do you think they work as?!  I hopefully will try to find out all those soon enough so just be clam and good luck with all!

2 thoughts on “Who do think?…

  1. Hey Norma,
    Well, that is some post yo9u wrote there, a good job with your puncuation, spelling and expression. The opinions you put in there were strong tooo… and I agree, I am 100% and a million times angry at them for killing poor innocent cats!! 😥
    Okay, this is what I think:
    For the first question, it is definitely: 1. China
    For the second, I think it is: 3. Group and 4. Mix
    Because they could be in a group and they could be male and female.
    Hugs, Nadine 😀

  2. I totally think your right Nadine!!! It may be China and it too may be Japan! …… Yep.. and they too might 100% be mix and a group!! I will try to find them and tell you sooner or later!! So saty and watch on my blog and hopefully I will post a post about that soon!! When I find out the answers! And for everyone try to say your answer for your chance to win!!Ok?

    🙂 🙁

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