The Olympics games are here…..

Hi guys!! I have got some information I’ve searched that you might like or learn about the Olympic games!

There are many myths surrounding the origin of the ancient Olympic Games. The most popular legend describes that Heracles was the creator of the Olympic Games, and built the Olympic stadium and surrounding buildings as an honor to his father Zeus, after completing his 12 labours. According to that legend he walked in a straight line for 400 strides and called this distance a “stadion” (Greek: “Στάδιον”)- (Roman: “stadium”) (Modern English: “Stage”) that later also became a distance calculation unit. This is also why a modern stadium track is 400 meters in circumference — the distance a runner travels in one lap (1 stadium = 400 m). Another myth associates the first Games with the ancient Greek concept of ἐκεχειρία (ekecheiria) or Olympic Truce. The date of the Games’ inception based on the count of years in Olympiads is reconstructed as 776 BC, although scholars’ opinions diverge between dates as early as 884 BC and as late as 704 BC.

From then on, the Olympic Games quickly became much more important throughout ancient Greece, reaching their zenith in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. The Olympics were of fundamental religious importance, contests alternating with sacrifices and ceremonies honouring both Zeus (whose colossal statue stood at Olympia), and Pelops, divine hero and mythical king of Olympia famous for his legendary chariot race with King Oenomaus of Pisatis, and in whose honour the games were held. The number of events increased to twenty, and the celebration was spread over several days. Winners of the events were greatly admired and were immortalised in poems and statues.[9] The Games were held every four years, and the period between two celebrations became known as an ‘Olympiad.’ The Greeks used Olympiads as one of their methods to count years. The most famous Olympic athlete lived in these times: the sixth century BC wrestler Milo of Croton is the only athlete in history to win a victory in six Olympics.[10]

The Games gradually declined in importance as the Romans gained power in Greece. After Emperor Theodosius I proclaimed Christianity the religion of the Empire and banned pagan rites, the Olympic Games were outlawed as a pagan festival in 393 AD.[11]

During the ancient times normally only young men could participate.[10] Competitors were usually nude, not only as the weather was appropriate but also as the festival was meant to be, in part, a celebration of the achievements of the human body. Upon winning the games, the victor would have not only the prestige of being in first place but would also be presented with a crown of olive leaves. The olive branch is a sign of hope and peace.[12]

Even though the bearing of a torch formed an integral aspect of Greek ceremonies, the ancient Olympic Games did not include it, nor was there a symbol formed by interconnecting rings. These Olympic symbols were introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games.

That’s the Beijing Olympic Game Symbol/stamp/sign Those are little toys that represent the Olympic flag!

So that’s the birds nest where the Olympic G games are held in that stadium!!

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Hey! Guess what I have found this website that you can publish your own story on that website!! It is amazing so that means you spread your imagination all over!! I’ll give you the website after a while at the end ok? You can too make something other than that or join into a club that are:

The Reading club

The writing club

The Newsletter club

The Squiggle Club

And that’s about it! But you just have to go and check the website out!!! It’s hard not to resist such…..

You will love it!! Well now I have to give you the website and here you go! Here But that’s only if you want to send in a story and here is the website to see what to do: Here

Good luck with that and hope to spread out more soon!!! Seee ya Later alligators don’t forget your toilet paper!!!

Who do think?…

Hi everyone! As you know Nadine has written a post about a country killing poor cute an innocent cats….And I have to admit that those people need a penalty!! …..Now I want to make this clear to everbody here that is reading! I have questions to ask about which country do you think it happened at… There are some decisions I’ve suggested but maybe you have some more up there in your head and that would be great if you would splat the words out wouldn’t it?…..! Here are my suggestion Guys! :

1. China

2. Japan

3. Russia

4. Vietnam

5. America

6. South Africa

Those are all the countries that I think might be the ones you did the crime scene business! I wonder if you have any other in mind! Like I said, It would be fantastic if you did! Because that would really help me with the thinking! So If you have any other countries in the mind of yours just plat it out and tell me straight away before you forget!

I too wonder what there gender are or if they work together! Here are my suggestions for this question!:

1. males

2. Females

3. group

4. mix

5. pairs

Which do you think they work as?!  I hopefully will try to find out all those soon enough so just be clam and good luck with all!

What I believe is right for me..

When I’m at school during recess or lunch some silly people come and tell me that I’m short. I try to ignore them but huge feeling come into my head that never let me forget. I some times say to my self “why do people boss me around and say mean things about me? ” So as i think I just go up to them and reply back meanly as they do. People think I’m the soft kind girl style but I’m not… I like to hurt people’s feeling if they hurt mine first! I like to make a fight when my family is with me and they are bad. I stand up for my self and do what is best for me so If you’re in a situation like me just ignore them or reply meanly back to them.

I like to have friends that don’t talk behind my back! I’ve had this situation all my life you know. But when I was in kindergarten I used to frighten many people so they don’t dare to tease me or say anything bad in front of my cute chubby face!!!!!! I moved on I listen to my brain and do what I want! People think I’m so dumb that they think I won’t DOB on them ! Because I’ve showed up for my self now no one dares to be mean to me!! Now every one, has this ever happened to you? Just tell me and I’ll help you no matter what!! OKAY?

School holidays is already here……

Hi everyone! Now as you know in Australia school is over for our 2 week holiday special! Really people are running crazy about it but i am surely not at all.. I’ll tel you why: It’s becaus I don’t get to see my friends and do what I want to do at school. Lots of things pop into my head that one of my friends my dump me for no reason at all. And that actually happened in a text message today!!! Very sad but I sent her back to revenge her!

Well as you know, when I’m bored my days go slowly in holiday time so I feel so lame sometimes!!! One question everyone, has that ever happened to you once? Well if it has It really hurts doesn’t it?
Well for all those who have holidays I have one thing to say to you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!